About Us

We believe health is built throughout life, changing genetically inherited characters.

The LPC team was built from the experience of our partners in health business developments in Brazil, Portugal and UK, observing that prevention is the best tool for achieving well-being.


Our mission is grounded on the application of the latest methods to benefit people in both physical and mental health.

Our clinic has a team of professionals with technical qualifications who are prepared to offer you safe guidelines presented in an understandable way. We believe that useful information helps you gain confidence and mastery over your body by building a tool for you to manage your health with knowledge.
All are constantly updating their techniques and participate in training programs at institutions that certify their annual progress.

Dr. Guilherme Castro

Director London Prevention Clinic

Dr. Elisa Kajita

Private GP/ Aesthetic Practitioner 

Our Team

Our Team

The Clinic

You will be greeted in a comfortable ambience and attended by a bilingual receptionist who will provide you with secure information.

We have our own clinical software, built to address all aspects of prevention that your health deserves, promoting communication with patients by using all media tools. 

We have identified in the market the equipments with technology that combine effectiveness and resolutivity, under permanent control and maintenance

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