Pre-exam care

There is no need for fasting or any food restriction before the exam. Do not use body creams and lotions on breasts on the day of the exam. The patient may wear undergarment or any clothes they are comfortable with. If the patient takes any medication, it should be maintained as usual.  

Is the examination painful?

It is important to note that patients with breast pain need to be assessed before the examination. It is advised to book your exam shortly after the end of menstruation in order to reduce the discomfort caused by breast compression. Patients in menopause can book at any time. 

What is it?

Mammography is a specific type of breast image that uses low doses of X-Rays to detect cancer early - before the patient can feel the symptoms - when it is more easily treated.

Who can do it?

Patient with a medical referral and those who fit in universal safety and evaluation protocols. 



How does it work?

A small probe that emits high frequency sound waves is used. These sound waves are inaudible to us but when they meet different parts of the body they create echos that are detected by the probe and are converted into a moving image which is displayed on a monitor.

What are the indications for the exam?
  • Pregnancy - to assess the fetus and pregnancy

  • Abdominal - to assess internal organs that are suspected of any pathology including prostate and scrotum.

  • Gynaecologic – to assess the female reproductive system.

  • Vascular – to assess arterial flow especially those that can lead to brain issues such as carotid and veins from the lower body that can cause varicose.

Laboratory Exams

Pre-exam care

Each exam demands some precaution and preparation in the previous day. Get in touch with LPC to learn more about them.  ​

Is it painful?

No. Taking blood sample is painless because nothing is injected into the vein. There are no adverse reactions. 

What is it?

A group of tests based on small blood samples. All forms of early diagnosis of possible diseases can be done this way. 

Who can do it?

All adults are eligible for lab tests. Some should be carried out yearly for an appropriate record.

Genetic Analysis

What is it?

A genetic test can help identify if there is a change in a particular gene or chromosome. It is usually an analysis of blood or other tissue. Genetic testing can be performed for a variety of reasons.

Who can do it?

Adults who wish to know if they are at a risk of developing certain diseases resulting from mutation.

Pre-exam care

Fasting is not necessary. There are no other particular requirements before a test. 

Is it painful?

No. You may only feel a small discomfort from a needle prick.

Medical Doctor


The medical team at London Prevention Clinic understands the importance health screenings and routine health tests required and recommended for adult patients of all ages. 


As a part of our philosophy on preventive medicine over reactive treatment, our physicians help guide patients toward getting proper health screenings at any age. These include blood test, ECG, physical examination, orientation, well-child immunizations, adult immunizations, health screenings, and more.

Annual check-ups with a professional can identify imperceptible alterations in your health. 

By doing an ECG and blood test you can prevent the most prevalent illnesses.

The Complete Physical Examination defines the Preventive Visit as an exam specifically focused on promoting health. The exam includes counselling, anticipatory guidance and risk factor reduction. A preventive service exam is for a healthy individual who presents with NO ACUTE PROBLEMS (asymptomatic)



Good mental health is important for longevity and strong social interactions.

 There are times when each of us needs the support and objective input of someone outside of our situations to offer feedback and valuable insight. It is time to give help from professional to identify and reducing Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Stress because something is changing in your life.



Receiving guidance for our food intake favours good health. We are what we eat.

Humans face unique health challenges throughout their lifetime, but with improved wellness and nutrition, London Prevention Clinic’s team looks to help you live longer, happier, healthier lives.

We believe that alone it is too difficult to make a controlled diet and we can provide you with a team of experts to help and support for a better control

With a powerful combination of technology, innovation, personalized care and expertise, the skilled team of nutritionist and physicians and staff help you overcome these challenges and take control of their health and wellness. Our dedicated facilities provide prevention diagnostics, treatment and wellness care. Learn to lower stress, eat nutritious foods and live a healthy lifestyle. 

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